Sting Released Bring on the Night DVD

Fans of Police and Sting can rejoice. The long awaited newly re-mastered version of the all time classic music documentary ‘Bring on the Night’ has been released on DVD. Originally released in 1885 and considered one of the greatest recorded attempts at musical and racial integration in musical history, Bring On the Night has been immensely popular since its release.

Directed by Michael Apted, the purpose of Bring on the Night was to document some of the time spent together in France by the English rock star Sting and his assorted group of black American jazz musicians including Branford Marsalis (sax), Kenny Kirkland (keyboards), Darryl Jones (bass), Omar Hakim (drums), and two backing vocalists, as they create material for their upcoming international tour. Sting, then fresh from the popularity of his album ‘The Dream of his Blue Turtle’ embarked on this ambitious project of uniting rock and jazz sensibilities.

The result of this venture can be found in the fantastic rendition of "Consider Me Gone," "Children's Crusade," and the brilliant "Fortress Around Your Heart" from Sting’s latest release as well as the rendition of popular Police tunes like "Roxanne" and "Message in a Bottle", which is considered the most haunting tune in the album.