Stormbringers: The Inside Story of Deep Purple DVD

The original Deep Purple 1974 release ‘Stormbringer’ sees a re-release in the form of ‘35th Anniversary Edition’ for European and International markets only. Stormbringer was the last album released before Ritchie Blackmore left the band on the grounds of creative differences. He was unhappy with the direction the band was taking towards more soul and funk oriented sounds. The current release is a version re-mastered by Glenn Hughes, and has been expanded to a 2 disc set. The first disc is the full re-mastered album along with the new remixes whereas the second disc is a DVD containing the quadraphonic mix in 4.1 audio as originally released in the USA back in 1975.

The songs featured in this 2 disc set include "Stormbringer," "Lady Double Dealer," "The Gypsy" and "Soldier Of Fortune." Songs that appear in both the original and remixed versions include "Love Don’t Mean A Thing," "You Can't Do It Right," "High Ball Shooter" and "Holy Man." This is a must have collection for any fan of Deep Purple. A one CD edition is likely to follow while a limited double gatefold vinyl edition has also been released.