Tokio Hotel TV New 2 DVD Set Is On Sale

Tokio Hotel has found a unique way to calm the impatience of its fans. The band had promised their fans an episode out of their lives each week on YouTube. This footage has been used to make up the first of the 2 DVD set ‘Tokio Hotel TV - Caught on Camera!’. Different events from France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, United-States and Canada have all been incorporated along with never seen before scenes.

Fans who want to know their favorite band intimately will not be disappointed. They will get to witness how the different band members behave with each other and gain insights into their relationships.

But, what makes this 2 DVD set an absolute must have is the fact that the band also provides its fans with a sneak preview into their next album. The second of the 2 DVD set has audio and video bits of shots taken in the studio during the next album’s recording process.

Tokio Hotel have always maintained a strong connection with their fans and have constantly engaged them with new material. For fans, Tokio Hotel is something of a passion, a passion that is fueled by the many varied offerings from the band itself.