Whitesnake: Slide It In - Rock Milestones DVD

It is not inaccurate to say that the original release of Whitesnake’s Slide It In has deeply influenced the development of British hard rock scene. This album was also responsible for the huge fan following the band received in the United States for the first time. The latest re-mastered version of this collectible DVD is created with the original album as its backdrop. This DVD provides an excellent critical analysis of the music created by the band in the course of its long history as well as the impact of their music on the generations to follow.

There are quite a few rare moments from the lives of the band members in the DVD. To begin with, there is a captivating interview with Neil Murray, who played bass for the band, as well as a rare interview pulled out from the archives with the iconic vocalist and frontman of the band, David Coverdale. The team of music experts and industry insiders who provide critical analysis of the band are headed by Kerrang's Paul Elliott and Total Rock Radio rock/metal DJ Malcolm Dome. An absolute must have for every fan of Whitesnake!