Weezer (The Red Album) Tablature Book Is Now On Sale

Fans of Weezer will be pleased to find that the guitar tablature for the latest self-titled Weezer album is now available. All ten songs of the 'cheerfully restless' albums are included in this collection. These include: The Angel and the One, Automatic, Cold Dark World, Dreamin', Everybody Get Dangerous, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Heart Songs, Pork and Beans, Thought I Knew and Troublemaker. Weezer is the sixth album of the American rock band and was released on June 3, 2008. It is also the hit band's third self-titled album. It does share some commonality the band's first self titled album in that other band members contributed to songwriting. On most other Weezer recordings, it is Rivers Cuomo who is the main songwriter and lead vocalist. This album is also the first Weezer album to feature lead vocals from all band members.

Pork and Beans was the first song of the album to be released in video. It quickly became the most-watched video on the internet the weekend following its release. The other most popular tune on this album is the 'Troublemaker.' Fans will enjoy being able to play music of their favorite band.